Development of people and companies since 2004!

During our long-term operation, we have seen the pain points of various industries and companies and how to overcome them. It’s amazing how business operations and business management have changed in Finland. There is still a lot of development, but as a general rule, companies are on the right track.

Our ownership base

We are a company owned by Finns:

Partner Tommi Kokonaho, CEO, LLM, BPS, eMBA, NTM

Partner Anne Varis, Master of Science (data processing), main developer of since 2008

Partner Vesa Tuomala, Henley MBA

Partner Jarno Mäkelä, Master of Engineering Degree in Information Technology

Milestones of our company

In 2004, our operations began

We started as a consultant for business acquisitions.

Our operations started with consulting in business acquisitions and strategies. On the first day, we were asked to educate about corporate acquisitions.

In the assignment, we were asked to prepare the content for an entrepreneurship test. We carried out the assignment and found that we can make a better software for implementing tests and surveys. That’s what we did.

2005 programming started

We built software 1. version to support our company’s own operations. The first preparatory training for the specialized professional degree in management began in 2005. The first consultations with business strategies began.

2006 e-learning environments for training

We started using the online learning environment as part of the Blended learning training model, where training days were supported by online learning.

2008 educational games for mobile devices

We figured out mobile learning games.

In addition to our other activities, we built a mobile learning game engine for Nokia’s Symbian operating system and published the first game. Another game was built for the Android operating system.

2010 basic focus on training, consulting and software

Our company’s focus was on current service products for training, consulting and software developments.

Despite the good reviews of the mobile learning games, they did not pay off, so we took a timeout and focused on the current service products. Version 2.0 of was released in 2013.

2018 software development began

Our company’s focus is even more on software that supports companies’ operations, such as AksiosPro. At the end of the year, the planning and development of a new software began –

2019 planting the seed of growth

At the beginning of the year, we were recruiting more staff. We invested even more in product development for both and

In addition, we allocated resources to new customer acquisition regarding our software, company-specific trainings, seminars and online courses.

We clarified the product/service portfolio and renewed marketing communications.

The theme of the year has also been preparing software and online courses for the international market in English.

2020 Surviving the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic completely changed our business strategy. We had to significantly reduce our operations and stop the planned development activities and the launches of new services.

2022 Focus on core business and internationalization

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of our core business and also its vulnerability. During the corona years, there were no opportunities for growth in Finland. We renewed our company’s strategy. In Finland, we focus on our three mainstays, but in the future we will seek international customers more strongly, especially in terms of applications. An example of this is the bilingual application CandP of – copy and paste.