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Quality training, consulting and softwares.

From us you can get all training and consulting services for management, supervisors and personnel, tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a training day, webinar training, e-course, business management consulting or software that enhances operations and improves quality.

Our fields of expertise...


Good employee skills

Managerial skills

Leadership skills

Business strategies and strategy implementation

Change management

Sales, marketing and customer service

Productization of operations

Making the company more efficient

About Us


We are ambassadors of renaissance humanity. We have studied several fields of expertise and practiced them in practice.


We offer all staff and company development services with a one-stop shop concept.

Taking care

We take care of you with personal service and follow-up of progress after the assignment is completed.

Why Choose Us





Our story

Our story began when our founder Tommi Kokonaho stopped reading Romani novels and switched to non-fiction at the age of 14. Through reading different non-fiction, he got excited about the Renaissance man. According to Wikipedia, a renaissance person is a person who has exceptionally broad knowledge of several different fields of art or science.

Aksios’ birth is based on our founder’s home as an entrepreneur, his entrepreneurship and constant desire to learn and develop as a person and as a business professional. Despite his dyslexia, his desire to learn has resulted in LLM (lawyer), eMBA , BPS and NTM degrees as well as additional training.

” The Renaissance man masters several disciplines of science and art. His versatility allows for quick new learning and adaptability to change – these are what make a person excel at work regardless of work.”

Tommi Kokonaho, the company’s founder


Tommi Kokonaho, CEO, LLM, BPS, eMBA, NTM

  • Business and management consultants LJK ry member, market-tested business consultant
  • Created the concept and model of Empowering Leadership in Finland in 2008
  • About 35 years of business experience
  • Comes from an entrepreneurial family
  • The largest company projects have been around 250,000,000 euros
  • From 2007 to 2011, served as the chairman of the Advisor Board of Haaga-Helia’s eMBA program
  • Trainer of the year of the Real Estate Education Center 2017
  • Coached and consulted employees, supervisors and management of Finnish listed companies and pioneer companies in the service industry since 2004
  • Chief consultant and designer of Aksios software
  • Published books:
  • Never become an entrepreneur – 50 things about entrepreneurship
  • Empowering leadership – an organization that functions and behaves professionally
  • Driving license for sale (in Finnish)
  • Never Become a Property Manager eBook (in Finnish)

In learning, we believe in knowledge, feelings and doing!

Our courses are based on these three T ‘s . You get information from us, that is, lessons and thoughts. We create feelings by telling practical examples and the meanings of doctrines. We create doing with various tasks, such as the activating tasks we have developed.

What trainees are saying

1. We take care of you

We are honest and knowledgeable. Worthy of your trust. We always act in accordance with laws and ethical principles. We always provide the most up-to-date expertise. We offer a reliable and error-free service. If errors occur, we always correct them quickly. We are there for you: we are all committed to our service promise.

2. We serve you

You will always receive a warm welcome from us. We serve you individually.  We know our areas of expertise and our customers. We are constantly developing our expertise so that you get the best possible value for your money. When you are satisfied with our service, we are satisfied. We do our best to serve you with a sincere and honest heart.

3. Our mission in life is to help you

We are your conversation partner whose expertise you can trust. We directly state the state of affairs. We know that we will lose some potential customers due to our directness , but we are purely in your interest by telling the facts. We are for you. You can ask us anything. Everyone has challenges in self-development and business. We assist you with all our resources to solve your challenges and achieve your goals.


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