Aksios Corporation Oy

Management Consultant

We are member of The Finnish Management Consultants Association (LJK)

The members of LJK are meritorious professionals in their field who have the right to use the LJK title.

LJK members can use Consulting’s General Terms and Conditions for assignments.

From us you get professional and tested consulting

When you need:

In drafting, updating and implementing the company strategy.

Development of the operations of the company’s board or management team.

In developing the management of people and things.

In enhancing sales and marketing.

In developing business processes or enhancing functionality.

Why Choose Us

The membersship of LJK

Proven qualifications, professional consulting contract and if you are not satisfied, you can complain about us to LJK.

You don't just get speech and PowerPoint presentations

We combine training, consulting and information technology.

Own software's

Our own IT systems make our consulting cost-effective.

Extensive expertise

With our extensive know-how, we are able to outline the development points our company needs comprehensively and produce results.