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CandP – Copy and Paste Application!

In standard texts, you save about 8 minutes compared to writing a normal A4 page.

Let's make it easier to do work

Why make customer communication difficult when it can be made easier with CandP. According to the old saying: “the task of the company’s management is to make the work easy for the staff”. One of CandP’s main ideas is to make work easier.

Save time

A normal text writer spends about three seconds typing a single character while thinking about what to write. For example, in Microsoft Word, it takes an average of one minute and 25 seconds to write two lines. With CandP, it takes 20 seconds to find text, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into another application, as well as the time required to edit the text. When editing text, the average time saved per two lines is 30 seconds, or half a minute. There are 31 lines on one page of Microsoft Word. The time saved by one page is eight minutes.

Operates in accordance with the company's external communications

More and more companies are paying attention to their own external communications. What and how to write to customers or partners, for example. In the age of social media, even a single misrepresented email can create a negative reputation for a company.

Communicate consistently

Using CandP, company staff communicates with customers in a consistent manner. This avoids misunderstandings and different customer communications.

Avoid typos

Typos are caused, among other things, by the urgency of doing many things at the same time. When texts are written in advance and their grammar is checked, typos are avoided.

Improving customer satisfaction and the company's brand

By operating in accordance with the company’s external communications, error-free text improves customer satisfaction, the company’s reputation and brand.


We serve our users for free 24/7 and our average response time is two hours.

We have built ready-made example texts for you in Finnish and English for the company’s internal and external communications. You are free to modify and use them.

Our fast and scalable server enables the smooth use of the software for a large number of users at the same time.

The software can be used all over the world. Currently, the software’s operating languages ​​are Finnish and English.

CandP makes customer communication easy.

Copying and editing standard text is much easier than writing any email or text from scratch. In addition to ease, mistakes and misunderstandings are avoided.