January 2, 2023 admin

Put the right people in the right places at the right time

Required results can be set for each station. The companies’ positions are, as it were, the critical points of the project: if those points are not reached, the project will not progress and the work will not achieve the results that are required in the organization.

The work looks like its creator, because the results of the work depend on the creator. The result you get and the quality of the work depend on what kind of people you put in place to do each job.

To be able to put the right people in the right places, you need to know the members of your work group. You can say you truly know the members of your group when you know

their strengths, development areas, hobbies, the demands of their position and the results required from work, the composition of their family, their background and what they want from their life and work.

In order to know the members of your group, their soft and hard qualities and their level of competence, you have to evaluate them. If the right person for a certain position cannot be found within the organization, that person must be hired from outside the company. This is how it should be done even if an employee of your own organization expects to get a position. If the position is given to a person who is not capable of the task, the area of ​​responsibility will soon suffer from incompetence.

Asking team members about their strengths, weaknesses and competencies demonstrates good leadership. In leadership, one should never assume anything, especially knowing and knowing other people.

Knowing people tells about appreciating them. They get a name, a face, a past and an identity in the eyes of the leader. The old saying

by knowing the members of the group, its members change from numbers to people. If the manager is not interested in her/his employees, they may feel that they are objects to the manager: this will only frustrate them.

The talents of community members are utilized when the right people do the right things. In this case, we build on people’s strengths: the stones of the stone bridge are in the right places, and the bridge can withstand a lot of weight.