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AksiosPro Software

Low threshold ERP software. We have been developing the ease of use of the software for the last two years.

The software is currently available in Finnish.

Do you lead or react?

Time is one of the most important resources in companies. Part of the company reacts to events, when we live in a constant rush and stress. This also produces waste costs, which are on average 10-20 percent of the company’s turnover.

Other companies are managed with uniform actions and anticipating future situations. Aksios.pro helps manage the company, its operations and reduce waste costs.


From the dashboard, you can quickly see various information, such as the customers who took the most time, the amounts you invoiced, the turnaround times of your own tasks. You can also see the most recently added tasks for you.

Customer management

Let’s find out where the employees’ working time is spent and find areas that can be developed. Employees see for themselves what they accomplish at work.
Let’s see how different employees spend working time to do the same job. In this way, you can learn more effective operating models from your colleagues
We measure how much time is actually spent on different customers. At the same time, profitable and unprofitable customers are found, in which case “over-service” can be prevented. Let’s see what is done to each customer. If desired, a report on the work performed can be delivered to the customer.

Additional billing

Increases invoicing and income for the company, because it motivates employees to do additional invoicing. Automatically creates an invoice when the task is completed.
Improves invoicing and money coming into the company. The employee remains aware of what the customer has been billed for and what he hasn’t.

Working hours

Avoids disputes about the working time used. We act according to the Working Time Act. The employer sees the load of mental work during the working days.
Employees can see their own working hours and work balance. They keep up-to-date on the working time they use. They see the load of mental work during working days.


Makes work easier. A clear Do-it list helps to prioritize what needs to be done and when. From the Dashboard that opens first, the person sees the ten most recent tasks and their degree of completion. This way, when he starts work, he knows what work he is going to do. The to-do list keeps you up-to-date, which tasks have not been done. Produces employee pride in the workplace. When the work is done as agreed, the company’s appreciation in the eyes of the employees increases. Improves customer satisfaction. Customers are satisfied when the work is done as agreed and they do not need to be reminded of the agreed work. Improvement of internal information flow. When team members see other members’ work lists, they know where projects are going. Trust between supervisor and subordinates. The supervisor can see the completion level of tasks from the software and does not have to ask what stage the work is at. Improvement of job satisfaction and reduction of stress. Employees feel a sense of control over their own tasks and can leave work at work.

Operational control

Produces customer and job satisfaction, because the employee can anticipate and do work planning. Don’t forget to do agreed upon things. You can see at what stage the work is going. Knows what to do and when. Neglects that cause damages are avoided.


The minutes will be completed at the meeting. Previous meeting minutes can be seen and what has been previously agreed can be checked in the meeting.
Let’s see if the things agreed at the meeting have been done. You stay up-to-date on matters agreed in the company. Saves time. No need to search for information. Let’s see who will do the agreed work.

New customers

Facilitating sales work. Simple management of sales work. You can see tasks and meetings in the calendar. You will find the company’s internal sales process and product cards. You can put new customers in the sales pipeline and manage the customer-specific sales pipeline, so you can see at a glance where each new customer goes.


Contract management may be difficult to manage, resulting in unnecessary expenses. Finding poorly managed contracts takes time. In the worst case, they disappear or cannot be found. In Aksios.pro’s electronic contract archive, you can find contracts with different search criteria in an instant.

Quick feedback

The customer gives feedback at the company’s customer service point. The customer gives verbal feedback on the phone and the employee records it in the system.
The employee takes feedback from a meeting with an individual customer, for example a sales or user support meeting. Feedback is taken from an internal company meeting, for example a weekly meeting. Feedback is taken from a meeting with customers, for example a product development meeting.
Customers give feedback via the company’s website. We take feedback from a large customer meeting, such as a training day or a customer briefing.

Customer messages

Find all the things recorded in Aksios.pro easily. Makes it easier for customers to find work done. Supports operation in accordance with the EU data security regulation.

We are constantly developing the software.

In version 3.0 of the software, e.g. we added graphic metrics to each part of the software, with which the user of the software can see his own results in relation to the results of other users, as well as other metrics. The purpose of these metrics is to transform abstract service work into concrete and results-oriented.