We have 18 years of experience in developing people and companies.

Member of the Business and Management Consultants Association

Less than 2% of consultants operating in Finland have been accepted as members.

Customer oriented

Satisfied and long-term customers serve as a measure of our customer orientation.


We are ambassadors of renaissance humanity. We have studied several fields of expertise and practiced them in practice.


We offer all staff and company development services with a one-stop shop concept.

Takin care

We will take care of you with service and follow-up of progress after the end of the assignment.


Are company-specific trainings, training days or online courses current?

High-quality training implemented in different forms.

Are you looking for support for the company’s activities and interactions in the software?

One problem one solution apps.


Serving you personally!

With us you will find familiar faces and personal service. We appoint a customer manager for each customer. Together with our expert, you will measure the most suitable service package for you.

We work efficiently, with experience, passion and on our customers’ terms. Our name Aksios (from Greek Άξιος, Aksios, Finnish worthy, worthy, acceptable) means worthy to serve others. We want to live up to our name.


A small thing, a big benefit!

A small thing, a big benefit, is Aksios’ slogan, which culminates the core idea of ​​our operation. The statement summarizes the desire that we all want to produce for our customers; big benefits with small things!

Aksios’ birth is based on our founder’s home as an entrepreneur, his entrepreneurship and constant desire to learn and develop as a person and as a business professional. The desire to learn has produced LLM (lawyer), eMBA, BPS and NTM degrees as well as additional training.

Based on this philosophy, we dive into challenges and the development of people and companies.


Six things about our services:


from software development


training from the year


since e-courses


hours of business knowledge


Our story

Our story began after our founder Tommi Kokonaho stopped reading novels and switched to non-fiction at the age of 14. Through reading different non-fiction, he got excited about the Renaissance man. According to Wikipedia, a renaissance person is a person who has exceptionally broad knowledge of several different fields of art or science.

After graduating as a lawyer from the University of Helsinki, our founder worked as an employee for eight years. The desire to become an entrepreneur again stemmed from the passion to do things better and more efficiently, so that the vitality of the companies increases and the staff feel well.

Our company seeks added value for customers through comprehensive service and versatility. We combine training, consulting and software as part of our development services. Our saying is: “The software supports what education enables!”.


Development of people and companies since 2004!

During our long-term operation, we have seen the pain points of various industries and companies and how to overcome them. It’s amazing how business operations and business management have changed in Finland. There is still a lot of development, but as a general rule, companies are on the right track.

Our ownership base

We are a company owned by Finns:

Partner Tommi Kokonaho, CEO, LLM, BPS, eMBA, NTM

Partner Anne Varis, Master of Science (data processing), main developer of since 2008

Partner Vesa Tuomala, Henley MBA

Partner Jarno Mäkelä, Master of Engineering Degree in Information Technology

Milestones of our company

In 2004, our operations began

We started as a consultant for business acquisitions.

Our operations started with consulting in business acquisitions and strategies. On the first day, we were asked to educate about corporate acquisitions.

In the assignment, we were asked to prepare the content for an entrepreneurship test. We carried out the assignment and found that we can make a better software for implementing tests and surveys. That’s what we did.

2005 programming started

We built software 1. version to support our company’s own operations. The first preparatory training for the specialized professional degree in management began in 2005. The first consultations with business strategies began.

2006 e-learning environments for training

We started using the online learning environment as part of the Blended learning training model, where training days were supported by online learning.

2008 educational games for mobile devices

We figured out mobile learning games.

In addition to our other activities, we built a mobile learning game engine for Nokia’s Symbian operating system and published the first game. Another game was built for the Android operating system.

2010 basic focus on training, consulting and software

Our company’s focus was on current service products for training, consulting and software developments.

Despite the good reviews of the mobile learning games, they did not pay off, so we took a timeout and focused on the current service products. Version 2.0 of was released in 2013.

2018 software development began

Our company’s focus is even more on software that supports companies’ operations, such as AksiosPro. At the end of the year, the planning and development of a new software began –

2019 planting the seed of growth

At the beginning of the year, we were recruiting more staff. We invested even more in product development for both and

In addition, we allocated resources to new customer acquisition regarding our software, company-specific trainings, seminars and online courses.

We clarified the product/service portfolio and renewed marketing communications.

The theme of the year has also been preparing software and online courses for the international market in English.

2020 Surviving the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic completely changed our business strategy. We had to significantly reduce our operations and stop the planned development activities and the launches of new services.

2022 Focus on core business and internationalization

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of our core business and also its vulnerability. During the corona years, there were no opportunities for growth in Finland. We renewed our company’s strategy. In Finland, we focus on our three mainstays, but in the future we will seek international customers more strongly, especially in terms of applications. An example of this is the bilingual application CandP of – copy and paste.

Training services

From us you can get all training services for management, supervisors and personnel as a set of services suitable for your needs. Whether it’s a training day, webinar training or an e-course.

Consulting services

We consult in the preparation and implementation of business strategy, management team work, managing people and things, and sales work.

Survey services

Every company sometimes conducts staff job satisfaction and customer satisfaction surveys. We have about 20 ready-made questionnaires for personal and company development. You can receive questionnaires from us either customized or you can choose from ready-made questionnaires. software

Do you need an extra boost to the quality of the company’s operations, internal information flow, finding unprofitable customers or key figures to support decision-making? For your support, we offer or software that ensures operational development and quality. You can find the software on the site


Our various implementations

Training and consulting themes: Management of people and things, self-management, personal mentoring, business strategy preparation and strategy implementation, sales, marketing, projects and their management, entrepreneurship and board and management team work.

Our various implementations: Strategy preparation and implementation, work well-being days, ship seminars, trainings abroad, seminars, training days at adult education institutions and trainings tailored to the company.

Surveys and tests: Leadership tests, operating style tests DISC, recruitment tests, customer satisfaction surveys and staff satisfaction surveys.

Software: AksiosPro (formerly Systematic) enterprise resource planning system for companies in the service sector. CandP application, i.e. copy, paste and, if necessary, edit your company’s standard text.

Published books: Never become an entrepreneur, Empowering leadership and Driving license for sales.


Examples of customized services for customers:

Some customer implementations are briefly described below.

Construction and implementation of business strategies

A business strategy was created for real estate companies in the province. The process started by meeting with the company’s management to discuss their vision of the company’s future and goals. The company’s owners also participated in the discussion and it was clarified what they want from their ownership.

In the strategy process, the company’s customers and stakeholders were interviewed, filming their experiences of the company and its operations. A morning-long event was organized for the company’s staff, where they announced the start of the company’s strategy development, the schedule and how they can participate in developing the company’s competitiveness. At the same time, a summary of the video interviews of their customers and stakeholders was shown.

A survey was carried out for the company’s entire staff, which discussed, among other things, how the company’s operations can be made more efficient and how employees can make their own work more efficient.

The participants in the strategy group were selected from the company’s different personnel groups. In this way, different views were obtained on the development of the company and its future journey. The strategy group processed the results of the survey conducted for the entire staff and drew up a preliminary corporate strategy and its action programs.

A strategy seminar day was organized for the company’s entire staff, where the staff worked on and prepared the initial vision prepared by the strategy group.

Finally, the corporate strategy confirmed by the company’s management and owners was published to both the company’s staff and the most important stakeholders.

The implementation of the strategy was monitored for six months.


The company got in touch just during their rush period. We recommended starting the strategy process after their busy schedule. After the end of the rush period, the process was started by defining ownership strategies together with the company’s owners. The company had three different offices.

The company’s staff was informed about the start of the strategy process. Various surveys were carried out for them and the strategy group, which had personnel from different offices, worked together with the management on the actual company strategy.

In order to be able to authorize the operation of different locations and at the same time measure the performance and profitability of the operation, the company’s structure was changed into profit units.

During the implementation of the strategy, the company’s management team and CEO were also sparred.


Training day focusing on business strategy, i.e. the company’s “playbook” and the way of working. The training wanted to strengthen management, supervisors and staff to understand how important it is to strive for the same operating models in customer contacts via e-mail, phone and face-to-face. In addition, the training day took into account the goals set, the consistency of operations and the observation and elimination of wasted costs.


Training for managers of five large companies. The day dealt with stakeholder management, i.e. how the activities of one subcontractor affect other companies in the network. At the same time, the operating model of the common network was built.


Development of sales, marketing and customer service

In connection with the development of the company’s sales work, the sales skills of the salespeople were tested with a survey. A development path based on needs was planned for each of them and they were sparred with webinars, i.e. online seminars (an event carried out via the Internet, in which both the performers and the audience participate from their own computers). Some of the salespeople practiced telephone sales for two days at our company’s office. In this way, their sales work could be monitored and developed in practice. Part of the training was held in English, because there were also participants from both Sweden and England.


The experts’ training day built an understanding of sales, the sales process and additional sales. The skills of the experts at the customers were developed so that they could find additional sales targets for the company’s actual sellers.


Training day on customer service and marketing communications. Difficult customer situations, the importance of cooperation, well-being at work and self-sufficiency at work were also taken into account during the training day. In marketing communications, a new model for thanking customers was found, which received very good feedback from new and lost customers.


Development of management team work

The development of the activities of the association’s management team began by following the work of the management team by participating in observer meetings. Tests examining observation channels were carried out for members of the management team. The results of the tests were reviewed with the members of the management team. In this way, it was possible to explain why some of the members had conflicts related to personal chemistry and operating style. Some of the members of the management team had a different view of the issues to be discussed, and their methods of operation in the management team meetings were also partly contradictory. The development of operations also included going through the work of a professionally functioning management team and measuring the management team’s performance.


Development of supervisor and management skills

The person started as a company manager for the first time. She needed help to change the operation of the unit, resolve personal conflicts and maintain her own self-reliance. A personal development program was built for her, including training sessions and practice tasks. The personal training lasted for six months. She sent her superiors to similar training.


Training aimed at the company’s management and supervisors, where every two weeks they were given sparring training lasting a few hours in the morning on managing people, sign language, sales and customer service.


For the company’s supervisors, a half-year-long meeting, a webinar, or an online seminar (an event carried out via the Internet, in which both the performers and the audience participate from their own computers), was held, where supervisors from different locations in conference rooms developed their own managerial work and harmonization of the company’s internal functions under guidance.


In the training of the company’s new supervisors, their skills were developed regarding the responsibilities and duties of supervisory work, and they were given work tools and operating models for various supervisory situations. The training day also dealt with leading the meetings, making the group efficient and creating a team spirit.


The skills of a good employee

The company’s development day discussed the skills and behavior patterns of a good employee, as well as cooperation between different professional groups.


The training day focused on understanding oneself and different human styles and behavior patterns. As part of the training, perception channel and action style tests were carried out. Through the results of the tests and coaching for various exercises, it was observed how certain operating styles or observation channels might cause disagreements and even contradictions.


The company ordered performance training. In the planning of the training day, it was decided to deal with good presentation skills, fear of presentation and giving a presentation. The performer’s sign language and use of voice were also a key part. In the training day, we also practiced different models for building a presentation or giving different speeches. The participants’ presentations were videotaped, so they can see their own progress.

Company-specific trainings and seminars:

We have trained around 3,000 people in various seminars, company-specific and degree-preparatory training.


Helsinki Health and Social Counseling Center Tip, Personal mentoring

Oiva Academy, City of Helsinki personnel development services, Impressive customer service

Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Management of customer service situations

Society of Finnish literature, Professional teamwork

Oy Kurk Golf Ab Golf courses seminar, How people perceive and learn things

Isännöitsijäkonttori Oy, Development program for supervisors and managers

Intrum Justitia Oy, Sales driver’s license training

TDC, Leadership lessons development program

Remotea Oy, Sales training in English

Relacom, Management coaching

Tokmanni Group, Management and business strategy coaching

Risks in the construction industry seminar, Managing people in projects

HKR-Rakennuttajat Project day, Managing people in projects

Meeting of hotel managers, Eliminate wasteful expenses from operations

Secretary and Assistant shipboard seminar, New energy for everyday life, work that requires equipment

Finland’s Association of Economic and Financial Administration’s summer day, Identify myself as a leader – Personal operating style test D.I.S.C

Two different training seminars in Italy, one seminar in Hungary and one in England

Training seminars related to sales and customer service at the training of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and at Aksios Corporation Oy

Acted as the main trainer in hundreds of company-specific management and supervisory skills training projects in the following fields:

o ITC sector

o Real estate industry

o Financial sector

o Logistics sector (land and air transport)

o State administration

o Humanistic foundations

o Restaurant and hotel service industry


Below are examples of business and management consulting carried out in various fields. We are a member of Business life and management consultants association. Business and management consultants LJK ry is an industry association of business management consultants and consulting companies founded in 1960. For a provider of expert services, LJK’s membership is evidence of proven competence and value creation ability. For the buyer of expert services, it is a guarantee of quality.


ITC sector, The subject of the consultation is sales management and the development of the sales work of experts

Finance industry, The subject of consulting is sales management and the development of experts’ sales work, as well as additional sales in customer service

Logistics industry (land and air transport), Sales management and development of sales work in customer service as a subject of consulting

State administration, The subject of consulting is sales management and development of civil servants’ sales work

Restaurant and hotel service industry, The subject of consulting is sales management and additional sales in customer service

Real estate industry, The subject of consulting is business strategies

Legal and expert services, The subject of the consultation is the development of sales and marketing

General service industry, The subject of consulting is sales management and development of sales work in customer service

Preparatory education for degrees in cooperation with an adult education institution:

We started cooperation with the Real Estate Training Center in 2005 as the main trainer of the Management specialist qualification. Since then, we have cooperated with several different training centers.


As the main trainer of the training preparing for the specialized professional degree in management at MJK instituutti ry, JAKK and KIINKO

As the main trainer of the training preparing for the specialized professional degree in management at MJK instituutti ry, where the target group is cities and municipalities

As the main trainer of the preparatory training for the special professional degree in business management at KIINKO

As a management trainer in eMBA courses in Haaga-Helia

Training seminars related to management in the training of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce

As an instructor of training for the sales professional qualification at MJK instituutti ry

Sales management trainer in eMBA courses in Haaga-Helia

As a trainer of sales and customer service management in the courses of the special professional degree in management at JAKK and KIINKO

Main trainer at the MJK institute in the years 2006-2008 in the preparatory trainings for the Bachelor of Business Administration organized by Aksios

Main trainer in the preparatory trainings for the Bachelor of Business Administration organized by Aksios at SLK Institute and HBC in 2009-2018

Head trainer of SLK Institute’s Information and Communication Technology basic degree preparatory education in the degree sections, working in a service role and purchasing and implementing the system in 2012


Our customers:


RemoteA ltd

Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura

Helsingin seudun opiskelija-asuntosäätiö HOAS

Asianajotoimisto Kuhanen, Asikainen ja Kanerva Oy

Finnish Golf Managers Association


Helsingin kaupunki

Isännöinti Euramaa Ky

Astala Isännöinti Oy

Asuma Palvelut

SAP Finland Oy

Lännen Palveluyhtiöt Oy

Tampereen Vuokra-asunnot Oy

Jyväskylän Yrityskonsultit Isännöinti Oy

Tokmanni Group Oy


Intrum Oy

Hyvinkään vuokra-asunnot Oy

Asokodit / Asuntosäätiön Asumisoikeus Oy




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    As our customer, you get comprehensive personnel development packages that have been thought out and properly measured for you. In addition to training services, we bring solid business and management skills to your company’s operations. From us you can get, among other things, training and consulting services as well as digital services (software) to support business. With the help of our specialists, you will find a new perspective on piloting the company, business administration, and directing and developing operations.

    Our dedicated and service-oriented experts are ready to hear about your organization’s operations and help you develop operations.

    The software developed for the needs of our customers offers you effective tools for your daily work as well as tools for developing your own operations, reporting and analyzing the results. Our software works as a safe, fast and effortless way to increase the quality and consistency of business operations, as well as a channel for the company’s internal and external information flow.

    In our growing organization, you will also find in-depth industry-specific expertise, for example for the IT, construction and real estate industries.



    In this document, we define how personal data is processed.

    Aksios Corporation Oy’s Privacy Statement


    Name: Aksios Corporation Oy

    Address: Valimotie 13 A, 00380 Helsinki

    Phone: +(358) 50 60 345

    Business ID: 1860232-5

    Contact person: Tommi Kokonaho

    Email address:


    Aksios Corporation Oy’s data protection officer Tommi Kokonaho

    Email address:


    The register handles the personal data of the information technology systems implemented by Aksios Corporation Oy (hereinafter “Aksios”) for itself and its customers.


    Aksios implements various surveys and software/applications for itself and its customers.

    Regarding surveys, Aksios collects the data and compiles the results for itself or its customers. Aksios acts as the Registrar and Processor of Personal Data.

    In terms of software/applications, the customer of Aksios collects data and acts as the Data Controller, and Aksios acts as the Processor of Personal Data.

    The purpose of processing personal data, the basis for processing and the data to be processed are:

    Reason for processing personal data Basis for processing personal data Personal data to be processed
    a) Managing the customer relationship of Aksios or Aksios’ customer Consent and/or agreement Name, e-mail, possibly phone number, address and billing information
    b) Surveys made for the development of Aksios’ or Aksios’ customer’s operations, such as e.g. customer satisfaction and staff satisfaction surveys Consent and/or legitimate interest of the data controller Name, e-mail, possibly phone number and address
    c) Use of the software/application Consent and/or agreement Name, email, phone number, address and billing information
    c) Marketing of services or products of Aksios or Aksios’ customer Consent and/or the controller’s legitimate interest/direct marketing legislation Name, e-mail, professional title, phone number and address



    See previous table. Name, e-mail, possibly phone number, address and billing information.


    Personal data is only collected from the registered person or from the Aksios customer’s own data sources when it comes to inquiries made on behalf of the Aksios customer.


    Aksios does not hand over or transfer personal data to third parties.


    Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.


    The person responsible for surveys carried out by Aksios takes care of the destruction of personal data as follows:

    Personal data collected for Aksios customer relationship management will be deleted three (3) months after the end of the customer relationship. The personal data collected for the raffle will be deleted three (3) months after the raffle has been completed and the prizes have been delivered. The contact information of persons collected for the development or marketing of Aksios or Aksios’ customer’s company will be deleted three (3) months after the completion of the development or marketing surveys.


    The registered person has the right, in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, at any time:

    – receive information about the processing of their personal data;

    – get access to their own data and check the personal data processed by Aksios about them;

    – demand the correction and completion of inaccurate and incorrect personal data;

    – demand the deletion of their personal data;

    – withdraw her consent and object to the processing of her personal data to the extent that the processing of personal data is based on the data subject’s consent;

    – receive their personal data in a machine-readable format and transfer the data in question to another data controller, provided that the data subject has personally provided the data in question to Aksios, Aksios processes the data in question based on the consent of the data subject and the processing is carried out automatically; and

    – demand the restriction of the processing of their personal data.

    The registrant must submit a request regarding the exercise of the above-mentioned right in accordance with the Contact section of this privacy statement. Aksios can ask the registrant to specify her request in writing and to verify the registrant’s identity before processing the request. Aksios can refuse to fulfill the request on the basis stipulated in the applicable law.


    Every registered person has the right to file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority or the supervisory authority of the EU member state where the registered person’s place of residence or workplace is located, if the registered person considers that Aksios has not processed personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.


    Aksios does not store personal data collected in connection with the study in a manual format. Digitally processed personal data is protected and stored in the Aksios information system, access to which is limited to only those persons who need the data in question to perform their work tasks. The persons in question have personal usernames and passwords at their disposal. The workstations and storage media used by Aksios are encrypted.


    Requests regarding the exercise of the registrant’s rights, questions about this data protection statement and other contacts should be made by email to the data protection officer. The registered person can also contact the address below in person or in writing:

    Aksios Corporation Oy

    Tommi Kokonaho

    Valimotie 13 A, 00380 Helsinki


    This data protection statement can be updated from time to time, for example when the legislation changes. This Privacy Statement was last updated on February 7, 2022